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  • Overview of Metavent Platform plus icon minus icon
  • First, let’s start with an overview of the Metavent dashboard.  We’ll start with the login process.  Navigate to the URL or click on this link.  When you reach the URL y... See more
  • Setting up and Managing Registration plus icon minus icon
  • To set up your registration, click on Events in the left navigation and select Go to Event Dashboard. Once the event loads, click on Registration in the sub menu.  Here you can edit your registrati... See more
  • Adding An Event plus icon minus icon
  • To add your first event, navigate to Events in the left hand navigation bar and click on Create New Event.  Complete the required fields, adding the name of the event, the start and end dates and t... See more
  • Branding Asset Overview plus icon minus icon
  • At metavent, it is easy to brand your virtual event using the metavent Visual Asset Guide. Before you start to upload your virtual branding digital files, it is recommended that you first follow th... See more
  • Branding Your Event plus icon minus icon
  • Metavent offers various options to create your perfect event. The Conference Center is a virtual conference center that can be built to host any number of events. For an exotic experience, try out... See more
  • Building your Event Schedule/Agenda plus icon minus icon
  • Build your event schedule using metavent. Start by clicking on Events from the main dashboard, selecting Go to Event Dashboard. From there, scroll down to Event Schedule. Under Event Schedule, you... See more
  • Controlling your Live Event plus icon minus icon
  • It’s your event day and metavent will help you make it a great experience! Start by logging into your event under Events. From there, click on Go to Events Dashboard and scroll down to Live! Contr... See more
  • Metavent Analytics Dashboard plus icon minus icon
  • When you log into metavent, you will land on the Analytics Dashboard. This powerful tool gives you an overall view of all your events. To the right, Analytics Snapshot is a visual representation o... See more
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