An overview of the fundamentals of getting started with metavent

  • Overview of Metavent Platform plus icon minus icon
  •   First, let’s start with an overview of the metavent dashboard.  We’ll start with the login process.  Navigate to the URL  When you reach the URL you’ll enter the nam... See more
  • Creating Your Profile plus icon minus icon
  • On your first visit to metavent, you will navigate to the Settings area in the left hand side of your screen. You’ll be presented with a form in which you need to complete your company details. Ad... See more
  • Adding Users plus icon minus icon
  • To add users to your event, locate Users left hand navigation of the dashboard, and click to open. Here you’ll see a red button in the top right labeled Add New Users, and complete the fields, inc... See more
  • Creating Permissions plus icon minus icon
  • Metavent provides you the ability to create your own permission levels. To begin, select Users from the event menu and click on Permissions. The page will show all users and/or the group name who ... See more
  • Adding Departments plus icon minus icon
  • Adding Departments is important as you manage your users and need to assign tasks to different teams. To add a department, navigate to Departments on the left hand side of your dashboard. Add a ne... See more
  • Managing Your Subscription plus icon minus icon
  • To manage your subscription, please navigate to the Subscription area in the left hand navigation. Your active subscription level will be highlighted with a red button. To upgrade your subscription... See more
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