Information on how to manage your event live using the Metavent event platform on the day your event takes place

  • Controlling Your Live Event plus icon minus icon
  • It’s your event day and metavent will help you make it a great experience! Start by logging into your event under Events. From there, click on Go to Events Dashboard and scroll down to Live! Contr... See more
  • Tracking Your Speaker Schedule plus icon minus icon
  •   Want to track your speaker schedule while your event is live? Metavent can help! Start by clicking on Events and go to your live event. Once you enter the event, go to the Live! Control Center a... See more
  • Setting Up Live Notifications plus icon minus icon
  • Metavent has a great communication tool that you can use to inform Explorers (commonly known as “attendees”) through your event. Using Notifications, you can create timed and urgent notifications ... See more
  • Moderating Live Chat plus icon minus icon
  • Moderating communication between Explorers (commonly known as “attendees”)  is vital to a smooth and frictionless event. With metavent, chat moderation is easy to perform. First, enter your live e... See more
  • Submitting Live Questions plus icon minus icon
  • Have you received questions from Explorers during your event that you want your speakers to answer? With metavent, get them answered during your live event! Here’s how to start. Enter your event, ... See more
  • Scheduling Polls plus icon minus icon
  • Improve your event engagement by creating polls. Metavent has your back with Polls. Start by going to Events, find your event, and, after entering the Live! Control Center, click on Polls. You wil... See more
  • Managing Meeting Spaces plus icon minus icon
  • The power of metavent makes monitoring your event seamless. Using the Live! Control Center, you can view your meeting spaces and see when they are opening and closing without having to view it as ... See more
  • Reviewing Attendee Engagement plus icon minus icon
  •   Want to track your Explorer (commonly known as “attendees”) engagement? Metavent can help you review the behavior of your Explorers throughout your event.  Start from Events, click on the live e... See more
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